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While I rather not make this into a long professional bio, I will start by saying I am a seasoned developer living in Atlanta, Georgia. If you would like to know more about my experience please refer to my professional profile on LinkedIn for a more complete picture.

I code in many languages, although Common Lisp is one of my favorites. I code in it for fun and education, although recently I have been looking into do more work with it for some side projects. Hopefully, time permitting, these projects and ideas will lead to something that I can show all in the blogosphere (if not it'll be a github repo for people to fork, and hopefully critique)

I am an advocate for functional programming and am interested in its role in the technology landscape as it gets wider adoption. I am also interested in the continuous evolution of both the field of computer science and the software industry in general. To further pursue this interest, I organize and give talks online for the Atlanta Functional Programming Meetup. One of these activities is the CL study group, which is a virtual study group that is live streamed on Youtube. Please check them out!

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